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Of The Lakes is a lifestyle brand designed for strong, amazing people that enjoy a little bit of edge with their fantasy glamor. Inspired by destinations around the world and beautiful mountain retreats, we seek out the bold and beautiful around us to translate in to our collections. Dress up or dressed down, our simple but impactful designs are made to add some serious shine to your daily wardrobe.
Rkt is based in Tokyo and all of our pieces are handmade. To us, the 'Made in Japan' label means a lot - quality being the most important. Our jewelry is all 925 Sterling Silver with 14karat gold plating on our gold pieces.

About Ruby - Founder + Jewelry Lover


It's funny the places life will take you. I've always been a fan of the unexpected, and ending up as a jewelry designer in Tokyo was definitely not what I expected to happen. I'm originally from Los Angeles, but have been living in Tokyo now for 5 years. I've always enjoyed design and have been making costumes and little bits of jewelry since I can remember, but I never thought of turning it in to a business until my partner tried to buy a specific bracelet. Looking at the bracelet, I stopped him from purchasing it and told him to let me try to make it myself. That one bracelet sparked a love within me and I decided that since I was starting anew in Tokyo, I should start anew with a career change as well. And so Of The Lakes was born.  
I'm fortunate enough to be able to travel the world often, and I adore being inspired by bits of destinations - and icicle in Finland, the sparkle of the lights on the Tokyo skyline. Each collection is a little love note to the places I've been.

I want people wearing my designs to feel empowered. They're bold and beautiful, and I hope that that is how wearing my pieces makes you feel. Edgy, elegant, bold, and beautiful.

Thank you so much for checking out my designs.

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