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Lots of factors go in to making sure you receive the highest quality piece of jewelry from Of The Lakes. Silver jewelry will naturally tarnish, so proper jewelry care is very important. In order to keep your jewelry looking sparkly and new, here's a few tips to follow:

• Avoid hitting, bumping, or scratching your silver against hard surfaces.
• Remove your jewelry before showering, washing your hands, or swimming.  Jewelry really doesn't like bleach, sand, salt, or chlorine.
• Try not to get lotions, oils, or anything with perfumes on the piece.

• Silver polishing clothes are your best bet for removing tarnish.  Gently rub the cloth along your piece to remove and stains.  Avoid stones.
• To clean stones, use a soft cloth.  For harder stones (such as diamonds and sapphires) a damp cloth can be used.  
• Do not use tissue papers, as they can scratch stones and metal.
• Do not use polishing clothes on gold plated pieces as it will wear away the plating.

• Keep your pieces stored in a jewelry box or cloth bag.
• To avoid tangle chains keep all your necklaces separated.
• If your chain does become tangle, use a needle and gently prod it until the links begin to loosen and untangle.  Don't poke it too hard or you'll potentially warp the chain.
• Silver likes dark, dry places, so store it in a covered low humidity area.
• If you find your pieces are tarnishing quickly you can store them in an airtight container.

All of our plated jewelry comes with a warranty.  If your piece begins to fade, we will re-plate it once for free.  All you have to do is cover the shipping cost to us!
Contact us if you would like to re-plate your piece.